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Avoiding SEO Pitfalls

Avoiding pitfalls when setting up is easier than you think. You should always ask yourself the question: if search engines didn't exist, would you be doing what you’re doing? If not, then don't do it.

Black hat and white hat

There are two types of agencies when it comes to SEO. They are called black hat and white hat. Black hat techniques are surreptitious, sneaky and aim to trick Google into believing your site is something else.

White hat methods on the other hand use good practice and help visitors discover and navigate with ease around your site. White hat SEO is often encouraged by search engines because it enables them to show relevant information more simply to their own audiences.

You should avoid the SEO techniques of black hat agencies. Black hat optimization involves using any method to get higher rankings that the search engines wouldn’t approve of, for example keyword packing, doorway pages, invisible text, cloaking and more.


Always choose white hat

You really ought to stick to white hat techniques for long-term success. Those who use black hat SEO are generally there for the short-term, and often work in the markets of porn, gambling, and Viagra. If you take a look at your spam, you can see a number of black hat markets. These sites are generally around for long enough to make some fast money.


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